Land of Hope

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These incredible children from Land Of Hope are very talented and enjoyed the time being creative. They ended up creating many beautiful paintings that you can buy and enjoy.

Help us get these beautiful paintings out into the world. It would make them PROUD & HAPPY and you will also help Land Of Hope ( READ MORE ),

so they can continue their work saving children in Nigeria.

Land Of Hope is a Danish humanitarian non-profit organization whose primary purpose is to save the so-called witch children in Nigeria, where the superstition of witches is widespread and has led to the stigmatization, torture, abandonment and killing of thousands of children in Nigeria.

Land Of Hope runs the largest children's center in West Africa, called "Land of Hope", where 72 homeless and tortured "witch children" have been rescued, given a safe and loving home and an education.

Donations to Land Of Hope will be used to protect Land of Hope, which includes school and education fees, food, nutritional and medical care, hospital treatment for tortured children, clothing, staff salaries, operation and maintenance of Land of Hope and outreach.

The Gorilla Project

When you buy a poster with Gorilla Thoughts in our webshop, ChiCura donates 100% of the profit to The Gorilla Organization.

ChiCura has also adopted a gorilla and her family.

Read more about the Gorilla project here: