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Land Of Hope - by Gladys (With text) - A5

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Buy beautiful art with meaning!!!
These incredible children at Land Of Hope are very talented and had a nice time being creative. They ended up with a lot of beautiful paintings which you can buy and enjoy.
Help us get these beautiful paintings out in the world. It would make them PROUD & HAPPY ❤️ and you will also help DINNødhjælp/Land Of Hope, so they can keep saving children in Nigeria.
DINNødhjælp/Land Of Hope is a Danish humanitarian non-profit organization fighting for the rights of the so-called “witch children” in Nigeria. They advocate against child-witch branding, a menace which has led to the stigmatization, torture, abandonment and killing of thousands of children in Nigeria.
They run the biggest children center in West Africa named “Land of Hope” where 72 homeless and tortured “witch children” has been rescued, given a secure and loving home and an education.
Donations to DINNødhjælp/Land Of Hope will be used to safeguard the running of Land of Hope, which includes school and education fees, food, nutritional and medical care, hospital treatment of tortured children, clothing, staff salary, operation and maintenance of Land of Hope and advocacy programs.
You might ask, “How much of the money will end up the right place?”
The answer is: 33 Euro will go to Land Of Hope.

- Poster.
- Frame not included.


Land Of Hope - by Gladys (With text) - A5 - ChiCura Copenhagen DK -
Land Of Hope - by Gladys (With text) - A5 Sale price€8,95 EUR