Spinning Swan - Small

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Our Spinning Family consists of small, quirky wooden figures of animals, each of which symbolize something different. It can be, among other things, the endurance of the kangaroo, the transformation of the swan, the strength of the lion, etc.
Overall, they also have a unified symbolism, which is expressed by the rotating globe when you push them forward.
The rotating globe represents the Earth.
Our intention with the figures is that they become a daily reminder that we all have a responsibility for Mother Earth and for ensuring that future generations are also able to enjoy her. That our choices and actions affect both animals and nature. We want to influence the Earth in a positive direction and benefit it rather than exploit it.
We do not believe that we can be made aware of this enough.
The figures are made from wooden leftovers, which are normally not chosen in design production.

The universal meaning of the swan is transformation, beauty and poetry, love, union, purity, balance, elegance, pride and greatness.
The meaning and symbolism of the swan is also closely connected with love in motherhood, devotion and partnership, since swans are monogamous animals and stay together throughout life.
The spiritual message of the swan is spiritual growth and thus development of our intuitive abilities and altered states of consciousness.

Product properties:
-Danish design.
-Design by Søren Graversen.
-Material: Oak.
-Produced from wooden leftovers that are usually discarded. Here, the waste is instead transformed into fine little figures.

-Notice: Each design might have random marks and knots making each of them unique.

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