The Name ChiCura

The name ChiCura is composed of two words which are very important in relation to the thoughts and dreams behind the brand.

Chi comes from the Chinese qi and means life energy. Cura is the Latin word for care.

In other words, caring for life !


ChiCura - A Danish design brand.

Hand on heart, we love to create and be creative, but at the same time we have been quite ambivalent about wanting to start a brand. Creating products for a world that is already full of products doesn’t exactly make us celebrate. In addition, we love simplicity, because we have felt firsthand how simplicity has a positive impact on life in general, so how could we justify mass production? Moreover, we strive for presence and especially time with those we love, and how could we still prioritize these things with a family business? Well yes, we succeeded.

But then how could we solve those issues so that we could be motivated and allow ourselves to create? Create a universe that we love to be in and that doesn’t leave a bad taste in the mouth in the end?

We can’t stop people wanting to acquire things throughout their lives, including ourselves, but we can be aware of it and try to create a brand where the consumer, in the moment of buying a product, has a positive impact on the planet rather than none at all. And as the years have gone by, we’ve also become more aware that the products we sell should, in some way, enrich people’s everyday lives. In other words, enhance the quality of life, just as our name suggests. Whether it’s a smile on the face, a better inner feeling, a moment of presence or simply a better conscience as a consumer in this world.

We can’t get around that we have products that are just created because we think they’re great to use and to look at and also be captivated by. However, we still make sure that the consumer can contribute with a positive impact no matter which product they choose from us, because we continuously plant trees and it has now become thousands. Furthermore, we have products made from waste wood. Something that others choose not to use for design production. We want to be part of changing the norm on that front, and the products are just as good in any case. In addition, we also have a number of products that are created with the intention of being used for more than just one thing. We love it when design products are multi-functional, allowing us to make do with fewer things. Simplicity gives us peace of mind.

Our goal is that over time the majority of our product range will be something that benefits more than just the eyes, since we believe that combining beautiful Danish design with respect for nature, animals and future generations is the only way forward.

Today, our product range consists of different living products. Figures, vases, shelves, coat racks, etc. As well as a wide range of both frames and posters.

Our products are created with the following in mind:

  • A sustainable production
  • Recycled materials and discarded wood.
  • 100% animal-friendly products.
  • Giving back (One tree planted, Land Of Hope).





The founders of ChiCura, Charlotte Harbo Lavian and Daniel Lunding Lavian, joined forces in March 2010, in a professional sense. In addition to being work partners, they have also been a couple in private since 2007. The idea of independent living was a high priority for both of them, so they quickly agreed that it should be tried out.

Daniel and Charlotte each come from two very different backgrounds, which makes them strong together. Daniel has the financial and strategic business background. After graduating, he played a major role in several growth companies.

Charlotte is from the more creative, visual industry and has worked in various major photography houses before 2010. Since then, she has worked independently as a photographer and a retoucher.

In 2010, they founded the photography house CH Touch where Charlotte worked full-time from the start. Over time, Daniel spent more and more time in the company and eventually had to quit his regular job to follow a shared dream. It turned into a healthy business with its own photo studio, first in Amager, then in Herlev. Here, there was room for employees. They were responsible for pictures for major Danish and international brands. But after working with different brands for a number of years, the dream grew.

Suddenly, CH Touch became the springboard for a new adventure that became ChiCura, which Daniel and Charlotte started working on simultaneously.

Here, they started with photo art, since they had already created a perfect breeding ground for this, and over time ChiCura has become much more.


Charlotte Harbo Lavian


Daniel Lunding Lavian