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Upcoming exhibitions

In 2023

Will we exhibit at

- Formland

- Maison & Objet

- Ambience

in 2022

Will we exhibit at

- Formland

- Maison & Objet

in 2021

Will we exhibit at

- Formland

- Maison & Objet

This year it is

the digital path

Due to the situation this year, we have also decided to go the digital route. We therefore exhibit on the digital platform MOM (Maison & Objet).

In addition, we have spent the year optimizing our entire business, and now we can really see and feel the strong foundation we have built for ChiCura.

ChiCura's expression and mission are set and we are full of excitement for the next chapter.

Our new initiatives include:

New IT systems / New B2B webshop / New website / Expansion of stock.


multifunctional vases & bowls

Visit this exciting universe and choose products with multifunctional options. Great for you, your customers and nature.

Danish design / manufactured in the EU / sustainable production.


Shelves & Hooks in various combinations

Combine our new shelves & hooks as needed.

Danish design / sustainable wood production.

Frames & passepartout

We offer the popular 2-in-1 magnetic frames that even have a double function. Furthermore, we also have standard frames with regular glass and acrylic glass. Here, we have a wide range of sizes and colors, as well as selected sizes with museum glass. Artwork is highlighted in an elegant way with a passe-partout. Currently, we offer the colors black, snow white, and off white, all in many different sizes. Soon, we will expand with more colors. (Neutral PH value).

Made in the EU / Sustainable Production

art work


Our "poster land" is special to us. This is where it all started. We have managed to create an assortment with a unique atmosphere that fits in most places.

Printed in-house / Eco-friendly 220 g paper / Designed by ChiCura.

display solutions

Customize your own collection of ChiCura posters and art cards.

A suitable choice for displaying A5 art cards and A3 posters are our floor spinners and table spinners.

We also offer a table display with space for 30 A3 posters.

These display solutions make it easy to view and organize your custom art collection.

About Chicura


are we

ChiCura – A Danish design brand.

It is a crucial factor for us to make choices that go in the sustainable direction. We believe that the combination of delicious Danish design and respect for nature, animals and future generations is the only way forward.

“One can make a difference to many but with help, the difference can hit innumerable”

Therefore, all our products are created with the following in mind:

- A sustainable production

- Recycled materials

- 100% animal-friendly products

- To give back

Our goal is to improve continuously on the sustainable, so whenever the opportunity arises to take a step in the right direction, we’ll take it immediately.

The product line consists of photo art on posters and cards as well as our entire frame family in various colors and types.
We have also expanded the ChiCura universe with a living category.

All our photo art is photographed, designed and printed by ourselves.

We are motivated by constant development in a creative universe and the bubbling feeling in the stomach when we are reminded that we are helping to create a personal touch in people's homes.

what is

our mission

It is ChiCura's mission to come up with a variety of designs that you can acquire with a clear conscience.

ONLY animal-friendly products that are produced under humane conditions and with deep respect for our earth. We would like to think a bit different from the traditional Brand. In the sense that we will be involved in various charity projects on an ongoing basis and develop art/products around each project that can be sold with a good profit to the areas we are working in.

Likewise, our mission is to donate up to 10% of our annual profits to charity.

Collaborate with

One tree planted

if we take, we give...

It is a decisive factor for us to make choices that go in a sustainable direction.

We believe that the combination between delicious Danish design and respect for nature, animals and future generations is the only way forward.

That's why we collaborate with One Tree Planted.

Collaborate with

Land of hope

Buy beautiful poster art with meaning.

In 2019, we started the collaboration with Land of hope (formerly DINNødhjælp).

Land Of Hope is a Danish humanitarian non-profit organization whose primary purpose is to save the so-called witch children in Nigeria, where the superstition of witches is widespread and has led to the stigmatization, torture, abandonment and killing of thousands of children in Nigeria.

Land Of Hope runs the largest children's center in West Africa, called "Land of Hope", where 72 homeless and tortured "witch children" have been rescued, given a safe and loving home and an education.

Donations to Land of Hope will be used to protect Land of Hope, which includes school and education fees, food, nutritional and medical care, hospital treatment for tortured children, clothing, staff salaries, operation and maintenance of Land of Hope, and outreach.

These incredible children from Land Of Hope are very talented and enjoyed the time being creative. They ended up creating many beautiful paintings that you can buy and enjoy.

Help us get these beautiful paintings out into the world. It would make them PROUD & HAPPY and you will also help Land Of Hope (READ MORE) so they can continue their work saving children in Nigeria.

The couple behind


The story of ChiCura started in the same way that something starts with a thought. The thought became a dream. And the dream grew bigger and bigger.

Two people share life for more than 12 years. "Since the early days we met, we always had the dream of developing a project together. By creating ChiCura in 2016, we began to realize that dream.".

The story leading up to ChiCura's birth.

The founders behind ChiCura, Charlotte Harbo Lavian and Daniel Lunding Lavian, joined forces in March 2010, in terms of work of course. In addition to working partners, they have also formed a couple in private since 2007.

The idea of ​​an independent life was a high priority for both of them, so they quickly agreed that it should be tried, despite the many challenges they were aware of having to face.

Daniel and Charlotte each come from two very different backgrounds, which means that together they stand strong.

Daniel has the financial and strategic business background.

After his education, he has played a major role in several growth companies, and is good at the many balls in the air.

"Good for the many balls in the air, but does not apply in private." adds Charlotte.

Charlotte is from the more creative, visual industry and before 2010 was employed by various larger photography houses.

Charlotte is a photographer and image editor.

The first company they founded together in 2010 was the photography house CH Touch.

Fotografhuset had its own photo studio in Herlev as well as employees and was responsible for images for major Danish and international brands.

After working with different brands for several years, the dream grew.
Suddenly, CH Touch became the springboard for a new brand, which Daniel and Charlotte started working on on the side.

It clearly had to have something to do with photography, design and creativity, as they had already created a perfect breeding ground for this.

In February 2015, ChiCura was born…

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