HC Andersen - Dancer


Reinterpretation of the iconic paper cuts made by the beloved fairy tale author H.C. Andersen.

Hidden messages challenge us and can shape us as human beings over time.
More than 100 years ago, H.C. Andersen sat and made his adventurous paper cuts, and with this feeling Charlotte Lavian designed this poster collection of H.C. Andersen’s famous paper cuts.
The posters are based on trend colors and include small unique quotes that originate from H.C. Andersen’s own collections.

The double meaning hidden in the paper cuts demonstrates the fairy tale author’s way of thinking.
It reveals an utmost modern way of thinking, using the word not as a media to create meaning but as a material of meaning itself.

- Art Card with envelope.
- Printet on 350g eco-friendly matt paper.
- Designed by H.C. Andersen / Charlotte Lavian.

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