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As an effective tool for personal development, the Enneagram is fantastic.
It can support you in becoming better at conflict management, communication and cooperation and thus improve relationships in your life.
But most importantly, it can help you with greater understanding and acceptance of yourself and the people around you.
As the series is made with the aim of supporting and helping to increase the quality of life of the individual, the not so positive human qualities are also included.
In this way, you can better conclude how far you are in the process to reach where you want to be. This makes it easier to decide which step to take next.
We hope that this collection can be a support in your own development of your human qualities.

- Poster.
- Printet on our inhouse printers and on 220g eco-friendly matt pape.
- Designed by ChiCura Copenhagen.
- Frame not included.

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ENNEAGRAM TYPE 8 - ChiCura Copenhagen DK -
ENNEAGRAM TYPE 8 Sale price€53,95 EUR