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HC Andersen - The Little Dancer

Sale price€53,95 EUR

Is it time to get a little extra adventure into the children's room? H.C. Andersen still manages to spread his imaginative creativity around the world and we love that. This children's series of posters and runners is based on original drawings, paper cuts and fairy tales created by H.C. Andersen.
The reinterpretation has been done with great respect for the originals but with a more modern and hopeful worldview in some places.
For example, we have added a "Lived happily ever after" and "The ugly duckling" has become "The beautiful duckling”.
Some of the posters contain small unique quotes from H.C. Andersen's own collections.

- Poster.
- Printet on our inhouse printers and on 220g eco-friendly matt pape.
- Designed by H.C. Andersen / Charlotte Lavian.
- Frame not included.

Quote on poster:


H.C. Andersen - Den Lille Danserinde - ChiCura Copenhagen DK -
HC Andersen - The Little Dancer Sale price€53,95 EUR