Magnetic Dots Oak (2 pcs.)


A design product that brings a fresh and creative approach to displaying artwork.

These small, round Magnetic Dots have magnets on the back, making it possible to attach them securely to the metal piece being mounted on the wall.

Say goodbye to traditional frames and embrace a new way to display posters, art cards and children's drawings etc.

Magnetic Dot not only offers a practical solution for displaying artwork, it also adds a touch of creativity and aesthetic appeal to your home decor.

Magnetic Dot offers endless possibilities.
Experiment with different setups and compositions to create a personalized and ever-evolving art display.
Effortlessly swap artworks and let your creativity run wild.

-Material: Metal and sustainable oak wood.
-Strong magnet, 2 Magnetic Dots can easily hold 100x140cm poster.
-Dansk Design.
-Designed by Charlotte Harbo Lavian.

DimensionsSize: 4 x 4 cm

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